Michael Schmidt is photographer and geophysicist. Prior to moving to Haines Junction (Dakwäkäda) Yukon, Schmidt managed the Geological Survey of Canada’s GPS network operations for studying tectonic processes and earthquakes. In 1992, he led the Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s (RCGS) expedition to measure the height of Mt. Logan using GPS. Continuing from that project, he was involved with repeated GPS surveys, spanning over twenty years, in the St. Elias Mountains and across Yukon, to study present-day crustal motion. He is a member of the Alpine Club of Canada and a Fellow of the RCGS, and is the past Chair of the RCGS Expedition Program. He was a core member of the Yukon Initiating Group for the Canadian Mountain Network, is the coordinator of the Haines Junction Mountain Festival, and is still active as a geophysical consultant, as well as working with the Ikaarvik initiative to help youth build bridges between Indigenous Knowledge and current research.