Criscitiello circle

Dr. Alison Criscitiello is an ice core scientist, and studies the history of sea ice in polar regions using ice core chemistry, which involves long months of living in a tent and drilling ice cores in places like Antarctica, Alaska, the Canadian high Arctic, and Greenland. She is the Director of the Canadian Ice Core Lab at the University of Alberta, and holds the first PhD in Glaciology ever conferred by MIT. When not busy shivering for science, she seeks out the cold for fun, whether working as a Climbing Ranger for the US National Park Service or guiding expeditions to major peaks in the Andes, Alaska, Canada, and the Himalaya. Criscitiello is a Fellow International of The Explorers Club, and has been the recipient of numerous alpine climbing awards (e.g., Mugs Stump Award, ACC John Lauchlan Award, AAC Live Your Dream grant, AAC Lara Kellogg and Scott Fischer Conservation Grants), and is Co-Founder and Co-Director of Girls on Ice Canada. Her dual background as an ice core scientist and high-altitude mountaineer render her invaluable on Logan’s summit plateau.